Friday, December 13, 2013

# aleena

Drawing Lesson

Sometimes when you want to teach your child, you don't need to prepare anything... 
because she will just follow you...

in this picture, aleena was sitting next to my sister, who was preparing materials for teaching...,
She is the one who asked for paper and pen to learn by herself and make a scratch....,

Do you see how she's holding the pen..., i thought she was following my sister's way... but it's not, it's  different... because it's mine..., 

I never taught her.... maybe i did but i never realize it...,

now do you see the scratch? This is aleena's scratch..., i teach her how to make a round object...,
I love using memo application and one time i realize that aleena was watching me so then i try to make a scratch while singing it "round and round and round"

Here is the result, every time she find a paper and pen she will also sing and make this round scratch :D

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