Friday, October 18, 2013

# Daily Journal

One Year Blogging

I may know about blog on 2009... 
but start to actively blogging on September 2012....,
This is my first post that begin everything Visual Person

Being consistent is not really difficult... if you really want it..., 
this consistency already happened for 9 months... but i'm not that satisfied because i didn't do well in the other 3 months...,

This blog is one starter of my dream..., because i actually want to work on creative industry...
I want to be a successful blogger , a creator of children application or a writer for children story, it will be good if i can make something that be memorable for all of the kids around the world..

I ever think that i should take the art major..., i was late to realize about what my passion is.,
When i tell this to hubby, he said "then we can't meet and aleena doesn't exist..." he is sweet isn't it?

Anyway even though i want to be in art major but i never even once regret about my college life because i love it so much....

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