Monday, October 7, 2013

# Daily Journal

In a Rush

If you see a women who going somewhere
without bring a bag that would be me....

I was running away again from my responsibility 
with hubby to watch 'Rush' movie....

We were going after aleena sleep
and all perfect until we arrived at btc,
i was realized that i don't bring anything...

No bag, no cellphone, no money, no atm card...
I just have my hubby who bring his wallet fortunatelly...,

At that time i miss my bag..., 
so envious even elementary school girl bring that one :p

Anyway we finally watch the movie in empire bip 
because we missed about the schedule....,
no rush played at that time.. 

but fortunately we stil have a chance to watch the movie....
And rush is really really really cool awesome... 
i want to watch that again and again and again...,

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