Wednesday, October 16, 2013

# Daily Journal

Multitasking vs Single Tasking

I've just realized about this two characteristic...Especially about my characteristic and hubby's...,
This morning he work with his laptop next to me who is watching the discourse on tv....,
Suddenly in the funny part he was laughing with his eyes stil focus on laptop...,

I finnally get the difference about our characteristic...,he is the multitasking person while myself is a single tasking person..,

I always ask the same question to hubby in a few minutes...., i thought i was forgetful but then i know, i just didn't focus at that time..., i was thinking a lot of matters on my mind...,

Anyway thanks to hubby who keep answering the same question for me...,
Ooooo one more person..., teh fit thank you..., i did a lot to you..,asking the same question three to four times in 5 seconds..... more severe :p

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