Thursday, October 31, 2013

# Life Lesson

Kids Philosophy part one

When i interact with my daughter or my niece or the other kids.... i get some lesson from them...,

Here is the story...
Aleena were looked to her grandma who was stand in the chair, looking for a key in the above wardrobe....,

Aleena got curious... she come closer to her grandma... try to climb it many times but keep failed because the chair is too high for her..., so i just look her from far away because i don't think she can do it.,

But suddenly my mother screaming.... aleena succeed to climb the chair and stand in it..,

She wants to reach the same height level as her grandma did... but of course it wouldn't happened..., but you know what she discover a new level that bring her to new exploration place..., which is fun for her...,

So for the first lesson
I can say that when you have a goal in your life just keep moving forward, ignore everybody's mind and soon you'll discover that you have achieve many things,,.

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