Friday, October 18, 2013

# aleena

New Progress, Spelling

When we give aleena a paper and a pen..., she will say lis a.k.a write,
she loves to make a scratch...,

Sometimes she's the one who ask a pen or a paper
when she hold one of this thing... lis lisss...,

At one time hubby try to write her name....
he spelling a-lee-..... and suddenly from behind aleena said "na"...,

We were really surprised... she already recognize her name really well...,
i thought it was just coincidence but when we try to repeat it again and again she can answer it correctly...,

She even can answer just until we said A-......
"Lee-na"..., after that we always try to do it again and again and again because we feel very very happy :P

You can see her last progress in 19 months Aleena's record

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