Saturday, June 28, 2014

# Daily Journal # Doodle

My First Doodle T-Shirt

It began when i bought this two fabric marker.. Giotto decor textile, neon pink and neon yellow
First time i saw it, i didn't really care about the function
The only reason why i bought them is only the color... :p

One day i wore a pink t-shirt and realized that the t-shirt is old enough so i decide to make a little experiment on it...

I make a line in the pocket and that's it...., I still wore it while i drawing and it's so boring...  so i started again to make a bigger experiment..

This time i change the cloth and put the old T-shirt above the book...,
I browse some cute pattern on Pinterest and finally get an idea to make a lot of cute camera..,

Here is the result.....,

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