Friday, June 27, 2014

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Mommy's Cook Book

Do you see the picture.. it is one page of my mommy's cook book...,
This book is really really awesome..
I may be too much but this book help me a lot to interpret all cooking step 
to something that easier to follow..

Other may think it's less information but for me it's already quite enough 
because i keep some memory about the cooking technique. 
I may never really cook but i always pay attention when i came in to the kitchen...., 

This book is my starting point... i'm really grateful to have this book...., 
my mom is really smart... she arrange it as if she writing code.. 
make some variable and function...., :D

Now i try to follow her method. and you know what, it's a little bit difficult..

When i try to arrange new recipe, i keep looking to her book..., i thought it will be easy but it's not...

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