Sunday, June 29, 2014

# Daily Journal # DIY

DIY Wall Clock

When we can't find any favorite wall clock
hubby said "i challenge you to make our own wall clock."
then i said "ok challenge accepted."
First i need a media to put the clock,,,
i browse a lot but couldn't find any idea until we go to Baltos
We suddenly get the same idea,
We think to make a paint in the canvas and put the wall clock movement mechanism there

Second i need an idea about the picture
so i'm browsing again and again and again on Pinterest...
I found the simple one that can still make us focus in seeing the time..,

Finally i got an idea to make triangle pattern with neon color of course
and blue to make it fair for hubby.... :D

Here it is, the wall clock with my beautiful little girl
The  two pictures are blur but it's really cute

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