Wednesday, July 24, 2013

# Family

Perfect Moment

For almost 3 months i already doing a part time job..,

This is a perfect moment for me when i can fully enjoy my life...,
I can take care my baby in the morning till 9 o'clock...
I can gather with my friend in the office working on something and doing some fun stuff....
I can have my own time to just window shopping or taking care myself like go to the salon...
I can back home at 4 o'clock to take care again my baby till her sleeping time..,

But of course nothing is perfect...
Because i can only meet hubby on weekend... i feel guilty to not taking care hubby in other day..., i'm sorry..,

Anyway i still gratefull for the situation..., because i can still take care of him once in a week... so i still think that all this time is perfect..,

One day our family will gather in one roof.... and i'm surely not scared in losing this moment.... because i will create another perfect moment with both of them in my days...,

Love u both...,

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