Thursday, July 4, 2013

# Life Lesson

Overcome The Problem

These days my parent aren't here and also hubby lives in other town...,
So i can only count a taxi for the transportation, especially for aleena's needs..,

Yesterday i took aleena to the doctor.. and it was really really difficult to get a taxi..
One of the reason because the weather was not good..  big rain and of course eventually everybody need a taxi..,

Try to order taxi for going home but i don't think it's a good idea so then i just try to find it in the street..,
And finnaly i was standing on the dark side of the street finding taxi which never come for more than half an hour.., i was complaining a lot...

But then i realize i just do the same thing and hope the miracle will come which is useless too.
So i try to move to other location and you know what less than 3 minute i got the taxi...,

I guess then when we are omplaining something, just try to make sure that we are not stay on the same thing..

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