Wednesday, July 17, 2013

# Daily Journal

Losing The Faith

Have you ever losing your faith? I just did... and it was the worst time i ever had..,

A week ago i was sick...
There's a very big thrush at the back of my throat and also infection in my throat...,
It makes me feel the pain every time i swallow..
The pain is not only in the throat but also in my ear and my nose..,

For more than a week i can't enjoy the meal...,
I just can eat a little portion because it feels really really hurt when i try to open my mouth..
I didn't even use the spoon...

I was angry to this condition because i also feel really really hungry...,

I go to the doctor for twice... usually i get better in one time examine.., this is what i called losing the faith..,,

I know now why sick people complaining a lot...,
When i was sick i feel my condition is really terrible,,, it feels like i was the most suffering person at that time..,
It's also difficult to be optimist and not complaining...

The condition then were getting worse..
i didn't trust anything...,

But fortunately in one night
I realize that it's not about the doctor or the medicine..,
But it's about me...

So then i try to get close to Allah... and pray for the better condition.. and it just like a miracle.. on the next morning i can eat with the spoon...,

Actually i'm still sick now but it's already much much better because i have Allah and i feel very optimist right now....

Thank you thank you very much.... alhamdulillah..

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