Wednesday, April 9, 2014

About Taking Care a Baby

A week ago, i was in bad condition... I feel more sensitive and sometimes I can't handle myself....,
It feels more difficult when I take a role as stay at home mom...

I tell my hubby about that... And he said "you want to work, go then but please have a breakfast and dinner with me" Thank you hubby.... That is what i want but it's not my choice...,

Then he try to found an answer... And finally he said "I think you need me, you already taking care Aleena all day, so I should taking care of you in the night, right,,," I guess he's right..., for all this time I feel like a single parent even though there are a lot of people who could help me here..., I think I need his support and also hubby's role...,

About taking care our Aleena Do you know what I've been through it...
First Thing is I got shock with all about baby things..., I'm a last child and even I have a niece I never know how my sister taking care of him because she lives in Sydney..., So in other word, I know nothing... I thought the baby will drink milk easily or she will eat easily without any drama or she will sleep by herself and etc..., I never know about baby's life....,

I told it to my friend, teh fit.. And she said "then I'm gonna be better" yap I'm sure she will be better from me., at least she will skip my drama because she already experienced two baby's life, her younger sister and brother...,

Now the second thing is I'm a last child who raise a first child..., there are a lot of different characteristic about this sequence..., I don't know if it's a matter for other people... But it is for me...,  I'm not really independent and sometimes childish and Aleena seems dominant and stubborn... I have no idea how to solve this but I figure out something.... most of my best friends are a first child or middle child at least the have little brother or sister... So they are more more mature from me and I think I should learn from them.....,

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