Wednesday, April 23, 2014

# Toddler Activities

10 Fun and Engaging Tape Activites For Toddler

Play with the tape is really fun....
I've played once with aleena  and now i want to explore more activity with tape...

Try to browsing some ideas and here they are:

1. Tracing Number [Hand On As We Grow]
2. Tape Art [Tinkerlab]
3. Race Track [Two Daloo]
4. Abstract Art Fire Trucks [The Good Long Road]
5. Walk The Line [Hands On As We Grow]

6. Tape Resist Banner [Craftulate]
7. Painter's Tape Roadway [Mama Papa Bubba]
8. Sticky Feet [OMG There's Three]
9. Wrap The Stick [Teach Preschool]
10. Tape Shape Game [The Pleasantest Thing]

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