Wednesday, April 9, 2014

# Toddler Activities

10 Creative Recycled Cardboard Craft for Kids

I'm gonna move to our house and buy some new appliances... So there will be a lot of cardboard..
I just browsing some idea  to recycle this cardboard.. especially for aleena..

here they are:

1. Cardboard House [Ambosia Creative]
2. Sensory Boxes [Meri Cherry]
3. Castle [The Busy Budgetting Mama]
4. Mailbox [Ikatbag]
5. FunTown [The Imagination Tree]

6. Moster Box [a Mom with a Lesson Plan]
7. Tugging Box [Laughing Kids Learn]
8. Cardboard Stacker [Meaningful Mama]
9. Cardboard Box Shape Sorter [Parents]
10. Dumpster [Hands On as we grow]

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