Wednesday, March 27, 2013

# Life Lesson

Lucky or Unlucky

On sunday..
We were hanging out to some place..
Having a şnack in btc.. And a meal in hummingbird

No special menu just a little story..

When we need to accept some bad luck (i guess)
that keep following us until we go home..

The big incident is when aleena's cloth getting wet because the spill water..
Not once but twice, the second is orange juice,
and it happen on the same occasion too
when the waiter is delivering our food and drink...
The only different is aleena's position...

Can you imagine how water love aleena
şo much at that time...??

Does aleena feel sad or annoying...?
No of course,
She enjoy eats her cookies and plays... :D

And do we feel dissappointed or panic...?
Alhamdulillah we're still have a good luck
besides the bad luck..

There are 2 suits in the bag
that i arrange one day before..,
The numbers are the same with the incident..

How if there are 3 incident..
How long aleena needs to stand with the cold...?

Such a coincidence, isn't it?
But i believe nothing is coincidence...,
Thank you very much for taking care our aleena..,
Şo in our perspective, i can say that we were lucky..,


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