Monday, March 11, 2013

# aleena # Daily Journal


Light is my favorite things..
Any kinds of light...

It's really easy to make me smile
Just gimme a city light view...
Or the reflection of sunlight..
Or even a lightning but of course without the sound of thunder..

That's why I will always want to give a name
to my children that have a meaning lights..

I already did for Aleena (zinnia ->Zia)
Zia in Arabic means light..
If it for a boy then his name will be zeeya...

Talking about the light meaning...
There are 2 meaning for me...
First is light as a symbol of excellence and
the second is light as a thing that illuminate the darkness or a helper..

The only thing I wish for my child..
Be the light...

Btw does anyone know
A name that means lovable??

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