Tuesday, January 7, 2014

# Daily Journal

Few Good Things on Early 2014

It begin with watching firework with aleena., last year she has a very deep sleep, but in this year she woke up at midnight...,

There are something that can't be avoided so we introduce her to firework. Put a sweater,scarf,sock on her and bring her to outside...., a little bit worry because we never did before....,  but it's fun... we enjoy the firework...., 

Got my birthday gift from fitada... eat delicious food and cake in the new restaurant giggle box..., thank you fito...Seeing diaper promotion when i wait fita...., buy one get one... unprecedented promotion...., 

Buy a light blue jeans... new color for me and the most  important is hubby said he loves it....

Try richeese factory.. i love the wedges and the cheesecake... small portion but quite enough for me..., i want to go there again...,

Go to a ceramic shop and get one new experience in buying kitchen appliances with hubby who also love the cute things...., it's even more fun when we bring aleena there..., could be a nightmare too but i'm grateful it's not...,

I just broke my earphone.. one thing that annoying is i have no idea why and when did happened...., but then hubby buy a new one for me..., thank you honey...

and the last one is aleena who wear her pajama for the first time..., It was her birthday gift in 2013... so i already keep it for almost one year before she wear it today..., she is really cute... i never thought before..,

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