Tuesday, January 28, 2014

# aleena

2nd birthday

A year ago we celebrate her first birthday...., 
invite a lot of people to come to our house...
It's actually a party for us, because aleena didn't understand yet..., :p

But this year is different....,
She already understand about birthday party...,

She learned it from haadi's bithday video....,
It's about singing a happy birthday song (for aleena it's hepinuyu) and blowing the candle....,

So our mission this year is to make her happy..... 
We don't invite people and just celebrate it with my family...,
We prepare a chocolate devil cake (aleena's choice), candle, hat and baloons....

She was very very very happy....,
She succeed blow a candle and even asked her papap to turn it on again...
Actually i already teach her before, and the result, she blow it for three times....,

I also allow her to contribute in cut her cake and share it with everyone..,
She give the cake with a fork and also sweet kiss for everyone....,

here is the picture. It's really cute, i really love her smile....,

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