Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bad side of me

Dear nampyeon,

i'm sorry for what i did to you last night... i really love you and deep inside of me i really don't want to hurt you even just a little.. but acctually i've done a lot of mistake and thanks to you for being angry to me and open my mind about my bad behaviour.

sometimes i feel that i'm the most positive person. i feel that i can change everything that come negative to positive.. acctually i'm right except for the things that related to you. i'm sorry about that. sometimes i feel scared to lose you.

talking about my bad behaviour such as selfish and arrogant maybe you were right. Selfish that i always want you to understand me in every situation even in case that i do a mistake and arrogant that i always think right and feel don't need to apologize to you. I admit that is really me,i'm not realize about that until you angry to me last night.

I'm sorry if my apologetic comes late to you.. sometimes i feel hard to say sorry.. sometimes i feel that our regret about not to repeat the bad thing is enough than just say sorry.. sometimes the apologetic is only between me and god.. but that aren't right, people need to listen this word 'SORRY' even the word is the hardest word i gues like the tittle song from blue...

cause i think sorry is not just a word but an expression that comes from our heart that can make the person who listen to this word think that he or she is worth to our live and that we care about him or her so much more than we care about ourselves..

this is what i learn from you, thank you honey..

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