Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hang out with dell

In the afternoon we were hang out with dell. I was happy to see his smiling face. He is cute and very comfortable. It is kindly different from the way other people (my friend) drive. Really nice., acctually I have my hobby to see around along the street but in the same time I also love to see my sweetheart., so it is kind of redundant to get two things together in the same time hehehe :p but thank u..

When we were in a car we listening to the radio. First I get some doubtful to turn on the radio coz I was worry he would lose his focus in drive but in fact he still focus so I think its ok to turn on the radio. I think the only one thing which disturb him is myself :p

It was some playlist song from prambors radio when we were in a car..
1.how deep is your love
3.I love u
4.I remember
5.1234 by PlainWhite Ts

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