Friday, January 9, 2009

golden ways

in the afternoon i watch mario golden ways. he is absolutely smart i wonder there really are people like him in the world cause he just really great. today i have learn many thing like speed, stress,effort and mistake.

when you have to make some good decision, what you need is speed. being faster in make decision is much better than being slow down. the reason is in quick decision we may find some mistake but we don't need to be scared about that coz make some mistake is ok. Moreover some mistake that we have will bring us to a good decision.

some people may think stress as negative think, but we try to see that in different way. coz do you know that people will get more creative when he/she being in stress way. so don't worry and be happy.

it is important for us to have best effort in every work that we have coz behind finally Alloh will open your way to get the final success for your doing.

sometimes people think punishment for mistake, but it is absolutely wrong. Coz when we have a thought like that we will keep do the mistake. So we have to change the opinion and see the mistake as a way for us to be better. When we make a mistake, something that we need to do is to realize why we make the mistake and try to fix them.,

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