Sunday, October 5, 2014

# Daily Journal

I Hate Cleaning

When we need to take care our house alone, i said to hubby that i hate cleaning so hubby take over that duty....,

In the beginning i always rely on him but you know he also busy so sometimes the duty were neglected...

I try to stand with some dust and friends but then i can't hold it too long until hubby available to clean it...

I may hate cleaning but i was raised in a family who are neat freak... my mom and dad are well organized, very very very well... so now i don't rely him too much and try to clean it by myself because i need to live in clean and neat environment too.

So proud of me hahaha.... anyway thanks to my parent for the clean house and the  good model in taking care of the house...,

In the end i wish i have a robot who can detect the dust and friends and clean it right away... :p

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  1. ciii, ada loh bola sapuyang otomatiiissss.. gw jg pengen beli ahahaha