Wednesday, May 21, 2014

# Daily Journal # Games

2048 Strategy

One day i saw hubby's friend winning this game...
then i was wondering  whether i could also win this game...,

I used to play with the same method, sometimes it just random movement
I always stuck in 512 tiles...

so I was thought about how others doing.,,,
I browse the strategy and got this one How To Win 2048

It's very simple...
I try to follow the method to build number side to side, collapse upward, focus on corner,
and never ever ever swipe down...

My biggest mistake, I always move the tiles to every direction... 

When i try this method... My score is getting higher and higher and higher
and suddenly i got this 2048 tile...


  1. Have you tried reaching a higher tile number? Like 4096?

    Winning this game made me cry -my workmates were suprised at my happiness!

    Here's my story, if you'd be interested to know:

  2. No, i haven't... my highest tile number is 2048.. Now maybe i should make a new goal... Let see if i can do it..., thanks for visiting my blog....,