Thursday, September 13, 2012

# Dream Big

Future Job

Eight months has passed since i decide to spend my time only for aleena..

Happiest moments

to enjoy her swing mood, her smile and her laugh

so beautifull and so sincere..

Just missing of something....

A job..

I need a job, an activity, a goal of today...

Maybe Allah knows that i really need a job..

Suddenly there are 2 person offer me a job..

and finally i choose my last office in bandung

because  it can be more flexible since we've know each other

not as a programmer but as a video editor for this moment..

still enjoying as always..

I really thankful for everything..

Start thinking again about what is my future job?? Just want to be on her side when she needs me.

1. programmer freelance pay with dollar... (so money oriented..)

2. teacher (still doubt with my capability)

3. insurance agent for financial freedom (still money oriented)

4. entrepreneur, being boss for myself, no rules., (dream work but what to sell???)

Let's keep thinking.,

My to do list everyday is to find an idea and get action., sooner is better

Actually i've done this before, but since my mind is always for aleena i can't be focus on it...

So when i have a time let's make it optimize..


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