Thursday, September 22, 2011

# Daily Journal

Hubby, the best person in the world

September 2011, i've been married for 7 months.. acctually i never
count it and i almost forget about the duration, since we have a long
journey before the day we married. If somebody ask me about how long
i've been married, i'll do the same thing like.. what month this day
oo September (9), February (2) then i've been married for 7 months...

It seems that duration not really important again for me.. what i care
is i love him and i love and and i love and i really really love him..
everyday it comes bigger and bigger, i love my hubby..

Being in his side is the most comfortable zone that ever exists..
Nothing to hide nothing to stand i can be anything, do anything..
whatever i love.. anything possible..

He is a kind of family man... he do a lot of things in everyday..
like drive in for 3-4 hours per day...

feel a bit helpless bcause i still don't have a good driving skill..
,feel a little bit scared everytime i need to drive...

hubby is the best man complaining just try to do the best for all..
i'm just worry about his health..

He has lose some pounds.. It is because he needs to walk and catch the bus
to his office., he became healthier actually., but there is some guilty feeling when
i look at his body that getting thinner..

If there is something i can do,just count on me and stay health honey..., love you


  1. so sweet achi..
    same with us, we never care about wedding aniversary coz marriage life is not only about counting. as i told you before,you will love your husband more than your boyfriend which is same person as well.

    your love will getting bigger..bigger and bigger after married.

    langgeng n bahagia selalu yah achi-dani

  2. thank you ukie....,,,have a good life too with aa