Tuesday, July 12, 2011

# Daily Journal

really miss my hometown..

12 o'clock, it's time to eat, i should feel happy but i'm not.. i feel boring with the food arround jakarta, especially right now in my office. I don't say the food is not delicious.. It is but it doesn't make me wanting that again and again and again.. So i really feel confuse and actually i don't want to eat if i don't think about my body and my baby..,

I wonder how can i stand to eat the same food for a few days even for everyday in my campus or in my last office in bandung, but i never feel boring..

Something's wrong, is it me or the food.., really have no idea but i feel happy when i eat some food that i used to eat in bandung like hokben, steak n shake or yellow rice.,

Maybe i just really miss Bandung.. Maybe i just eat to feel the sweet memory that i have in bandung..

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