Friday, February 19, 2010

# Dream Big

Inspiration to a new life

i feel my world so narrow so limited.. i have access to internet which can make my world bigger but i find some difficulty to find what i want. i feel desperate but its not make me stop to find what i want. till for a moment i find a website

It is fun to read it. I guess the website is complete for a women in my age :D When i read the website i feel like i read femina magazine. I told my friends about this web and they also interest to the website. They even more enjoy than myself :p

after a moment, one of my friends told me about some blog that interesting. Then i try to read the blog and its right, its very interesting and make me find some idea or inspiration about something that i look for.

anyway i get some idea to my blog. I want to have a lot capture of my day, of course the one that interesting. Actually this idea has come from a while ago but it is for my diary book and its kind of complicated and a little bit more expensive because it need to be print. Actually i haven't got action on it, in my diary i mean.. hehehe :p

I think there are a lot idea in my head just haven't get some action of them.
hopefully can find a lot of thing..
hopefully can find a way to my dream..
hopefully can have a good and happy life..

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